Monday, October 31, 2011

His Personal Concern

"You can throw the whole weight of your anxieties upon him, 
for you are his personal concern." 1Peter 5
Many mornings I have to fight for the faith 
to own one line of His word.
I argued with this verse today. 
Surely my being His personal concern is too small. 
There are people hungry, lost, sick.
He gently asked, "Is it in My word?"
"Yes, but..."
"Then today, I ask that you stay right here. 
Cast it all on Me. You are My personal concern."
But, there is so much to fight for...
"Yes. But sometimes, you need to renew your faith 
in My personal concern so that you can 
cast everything that concerns you onto Me. 
When you know that you are covered, 
and that I can handle the weight of your anxieties, 
you are free."
Lord, thank You for the way You put up with me. 
You take my low, earth bound thoughts and give me
Your thoughts, thoughts that are high 
and from another dimension. 
Every one of Your thoughts is good. 
Every word adds life and strength to my soul. 
That I might live free. 
To represent You and Your ways accurately to others. 
It is so what I want. 
For You to be glorified in my life.


  1. I have a commentary on this set of verses that says that in the Greek the word 'casting' often means to 'violently throw or to fling something with great force' What a comfort to know that HE enables us in our weakness to use great force to rid ourselves of burdens--regardless of how we feel in the natural-- because we are His personal concern.
    Thank you for the reminder that He cares for us 'affectionately and watchfully'--that we are His personal concern in the midst of all that seems so big. Praying the same back upon you dear friend!

  2. Funny Linda, I really have been thinking about the word "casting" this morning. Even the way fishermen cast their is a whole body throwing into it experience. It really isn't a "placing your burden" kind of word is it? That's why we are so bad at it! He wants us to violently throw it down. That so confirms what I have been sensing!