Friday, October 7, 2011

Buy up Each Opportunity!

Live purposefully, worthily, accurately...
as wise, sensible, intelligent people.
Buy up each opportunity, 
because the days are evil.
Understand and firmly grasp 
what the will of the Lord is. 
Eph 5:15-17
What a guide we have in Scripture, 
the greatest how-to book ever.
It tells us how to get through 
each day victoriously, 
even when facing the obstacles 
that dart in front of us as we run our course. 
I happen to love Mario Kart, 
driving wrecklessly as my 
entire body attempts to dodge 
the banana peels, bombs and ink blobs 
that come along.
I hate those things. 
But I just keep driving, 
hoping there is still time to get 
some boosts and get back in the game.
Ok, maybe not the best analogy, 
but life can feel like that. 
Those "what was that all about" times 
that come along just when we thought 
we were doing pretty good.
Buy up each opportunity!

Opportunities can cost us 
a small piece of our will 
or a large chunk of our heart. 
A small bit of our heart
or a gigantic slice of our will.
But none of it needs to go to waste. 
Don't waste the time. 
Don't waste the sorrow. 
For everything that comes along, 
we can ask the Lord to help us 
understand His will in each situation. 
"Lord, I want to buy up this opportunity. 
I give You my heart. 
What do You want me to get out of this? 
What MUST I get out of this?"

Every tic of time is too valuable to squander.
I want to see this as an opportunity 
to become a little more like Him!

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