Sunday, October 2, 2011

Barren Places, Audacious Faith

"Sing O barren woman, 
you who never _______.
Burst into song; shout for joy, 
you who never ______.
Because more are the  _____ 
of the barren woman
Than she who has..." Is 54:1

We are all like the barren woman 
in one way or another, 
hoping for things we can't see.
The barren woman is commanded to sing.
The One who writes her story knows
that she is going to have "more than."
Hope begins its work.
Hope is not transparent, illusive, 
ethereal or slippery.
It is solid, secure and substantial.
It is productive.
It produces the substance we call faith.
I sing because He sees "more than."
I feel the substance of faith being formed,
heaven's currency for buying 
the things we can't see.
Again, I hear Him say audacious.
Faith's now word.
The faith word 
that He is helping us to 
live outloud.
For His glory.

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