Sunday, September 25, 2011

Getting Stared...Again

I have wanted to start this blog called
Up is Better for a while now, 
a place to share all that the Lord 
shares with me everyday. 
I have kept journals since the mid-80s and when 
I read some of those old journal entires, 
I sometimes forget that I was the one writing. 
The way He has encouraged me through all 
life's ups and downs never ceases to amaze me. 
I love the Lord with all my heart 
and am grateful for His mercy in my life. 
I pray these pages become buckets of water 
to all who read them, myself included.
I am a fellow sojourner with everyone 
who is out to find the fullness 
of a life worth living all for Him. 
I am: a lover of Jesus,
wife to my awesome husband, Dave, of almost 25 years,
mother of five amazing kids, 24 through 16 years old--
Morgan, Davidson, Tyson, Evan and Hunter. 


Back in the day, 
I got a BA in Communications from Rider University, 
an MA in Rhetoric from Colorado State University 
and did a year of doctoral work in Rhetoric 
at the University of Washington. 
It was all about getting me to where I am now. 
I have been teaching junior high and 
high school for almost 20 years. 
Because it is a classical Christian school, 
I teach wild subjects like logic, Latin and rhetoric. 
I love teaching and
I love my students like crazy.
Every day is a testimony of God's grace, 
a life filled with "sun shining" days 
and "desert place" days like everyone else. 
This blog will inevitably link to those days 
because they are what God has used 
to teach me more about Himself and
to call me to become more like Him.
Lord, I give you my heart. 
All I ask is that You help me to share Yours.


  1. LOVE THIS!!! I love the simplicity of the layout and the voice of your writing - it's really you! I cant wait to hear more! :)

  2. Kathy! I was talking with Linda on the phone today (part talking, part crying)and she referenced a Fenelon quote you'd put on your blog. And I remembered: Kathy's Blog!!!!!!!! You'd messaged me about it awhile back, and it got lost in the shuffle of a crazy life. Kill the fatted calf! What was once lost is now found. :) I'll be reading here lots. :) Love you!

  3. Oh Rose, thank you! You really did make me laugh. I am off in search of said calf. The party has begun.
    Every time I am with you--whether in person (that Family Camp walk!)--or just in a place like this, I find myself wishing I could hang with you more:) Love you too...